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Thank you for bidding, all items to be picked up within 7 days of winning ~ NO EXCEPTIONS ~ Always PREVIEW!!! BRING your own MUSCLE for heavy items, help not available ~ Note: There will be a 10% buyers premium charged to all purchases. Please preview all items in person before bidding. All sales are final. All items must be picked up and paid for within 7 days of winning.
This Auction Ends on Saturday, January 27, 2018 at 12:00 PM. You have 5 days, 22 hours and 21 minutes left to bid.
ItemPhotoDescriptionOpening BidHigh BidHigh bidderNumber of Bids 
1 Authentic Taxidermy Deer $0$11hockey09093
2 Elegant Dry Sink$0$3pjames3
3 Attractive Modern Side Shelf With Claw Feet $0$2justinblan2
4 Two Side Tables $0$1uammillbury1
5 Wooden Side Table $0$2uammillbury2
6 Wooden Book Shelf $0$2Fallsbooks2
7 Heart Cutout Blanket/Quilt Shelf $0$2eaglecraft2
8 Gorgeous Mersman Entryway Table With Queen Anne Style Legs$0$20rchevarie7
9 Beautiful Oval Coffee Table With Queen Anne Legs $0$11kgreen485
10 Vintage Red Kid's School Desk $0$1uammillbury1
11 Vintage Cast Base Red Child's Desk $0$1uammillbury1
12 Lea Industries Large Dresser and Two Nightstand Dressers $0$1uammillbury1
13 Lane Cedar Cushioned Blanket Chest $0$31bleigel7
14 S. Bent Brothers, Gardner, MA Two Piece Hutch $0$1Plmanson1
15 Two Custom Bookcases $0$6rchevarie3
16 Wooden Desk Chair $0$0No Bids0
17 Brand New IMoto Hoover Board/Segway $0$66Javantrece8
18 Wooden Step Display ~$0$29VladInc4
19 Two Decorative Samurai Swords on Stand $0$6eaglecraft2
20 1938 and 1939 Wheat Pennies $0$1Rebecca11
21 Five Bicentennial Kennedy Half Dollars $0$6auretriever4
22 Five Bicentennial Eisenhower Dollar Coins$0$9Rebecca13
23 2004 Lady Liberty 1 oz Fine Silver Dollar Coin $0$23rchevarie5
24 .999 Fine Pure Silver Bars ~ 3 Bars ~ 3 Grams Total ~ Assorted Designs on Each One$0$7Rebecca14
25 Sterling Silver Jewelry ~ Necklace ~ Pendant ~ Bracelets ~ Earrings $0$11katoh92
26 Pretty Costume Necklaces $0$1bben1391
27 Ninja Throwing Stars $0$5Samsquanch4
28 Glass Top Table Display Case $0$29VladInc5
29 Playstation and Playstation 2 Games $0$1munchkin1
30 DVD Collection $0$11Avdoyta3
31 Antique Four Blade Metal Fan $0$3sthp203
32 German Map and Flag Decorative Plate ~ Handmade in Germany $0$2Cityssi2
33 Interesting Green Geode Curved Rock Bookends $0$2tumbledown2
34 New Old Stock Union Products Two Teddy Bear Blow Molds$0$1cousy11
35 Union Products New Old Stock Angel Blow Mold $0$1cousy11
36 Three Union Products Candle Stick Blow Molds $0$6cousy12
37 King's Head Pub and Lodging Dart Board and Wooden Case $0$1kathy691
38 Wii Games, Balance Board, Accessories and Rock Band $0$7munchkin5
39 Copper Jack and Jill Bank $0$1eaglecraft1
40 Antique Flower Basket Cast Iron Door Stop $0$6bassoon785
41 1800's Large Bible $0$21kimmisue5
42 Huge Collection of Baseball and Football Cards ~ A Lot in Hard Plastic Sleeves $0$21sloseman4
43 Graded Sports Cards With Collectible Sports Cards ~ Baseball ~ Football$0$6sloseman4
44 Large Hockey, Football, and Baseball Card Collection $0$21sloseman4
45 NASCAR Racing Fans Parking Only Tin Sign $0$3pippi2
46 Vintage Christmas Trees Tin Sign $0$3summerspecia3
47 Six United States of America Navy Department Glasses $0$1cousy11
48 Vintage Glass and Metal Stoppers $0$2skier2
49 Crystal Chandelier Pieces and Candlescaping Jewels $0$7bassoon785
50 American Flyer Toy No. 158 Transformer $0$6Betsy3
51 United States Air Force Blues Uniform $0$2pippi2
52 Vintage Ice Keeper Bucket $0$1cousy11
53 Copper Tin Musical Old Car $0$1patsfan1
54 Galvanized Container With Lid $0$1eaglecraft1
55 Vintage Squared Panel Light Fixture $0$0No Bids0
56 Vintage Dress Hats and Hat Boxes $0$7retrorelics2
57 Unique Group of Bells$0$0No Bids0
58 Older Collection of Books $0$1Fallsbooks1
59 PFAFF Portable Sewing Machine $0$1cousy11
60 Twelve Black and White Wizard of Oz Photos $0$4itzadam323
61 Child's Play Grocery Cart$0$3justinblan2
62 Schwinn Sidewinder Bike $0$2pippi2
63 VHS Movies and Assorted CDs $0$1Chelsea1
64 Nautical Knot Box, Small Jewelry Box, Mini Tin Trays, and Decorative Maine Plate $0$1eaglecraft1
65 Glenmont Clock Company Red Battery Operated Wall Clock $0$2brenda2
66 Decorative Black Iron Wall Hook Hanger ~$0$2bourque2
67 3 Wood Carved Walking Sticks ~$0$4pacochran3
68 Vinyl Record Collection $0$0No Bids0
69 Life Size Cardboard Cut Out of Sarah Palin $0$3eaglecraft2
70 Ornate Sun and Moon Tomato Stake Cages $0$7tumbledown5
71 Realistic Chronomatic 260, Emerson Portable Radio, Small Computer Speaker, and Linksys Router $0$0No Bids0
72 Photography Dark Room Developing Tools ~$0$1tumbledown1
73 Beautiful Stained Glass Style Decorations and Sayings $0$1aimief1
74 Wonder Hangers and Two Dolphin Jewelry Boxes $0$0No Bids0
75 Enormous Collection of Antique Bottles ~ Soda ~ Alcohol ~ Medicine and More $0$2Avdoyta2
76 Sunny Slope Carolina Peaches Crate $0$2pippi2
77 V-Tech Games and Devices $0$0No Bids0
78 Toy Bin Full of Toys and Games $0$11bubbabarb132
79 Assorted Candles $0$3tumbledown3
80 Gift Wrap Sheets, Angel, and Large Christmas Bear Snow Globe $0$1bubblegum1
81 Vintage Christmas Decorations and Strings of Lights $0$1bben1391
82 Adorable Glass Pumpkins and Porcelain Hand Painted Fall House $0$1Blackwidow1
83 Interesting Trinkets ~ Ash Trays ~ Glass Covered Dishes ~ Figures and More $0$0No Bids0
84 Milk Glass Decor ~ Dishes ~ Vases ~ Candle Stick Holders and More $0$21MattS5
85 Ball and Atlas Canning Jars $0$1uammillbury1
86 Adorable Toys and Action Figures $0$1trace811
87 Decorative Dishes, Bowls, Plates, and Bottles $0$0No Bids0
88 Candle Holders, Mirror, Collectible China Plates (Nippon & Others) & Early Pressed Glass ~$0$0No Bids0
89 Enameled Strainer, Pie Plate Stand, Vintage Canisters, Casserole Dishes and More $0$1bassoon781
90 Crystal Glass Punch Bowl With Cups and Lead Crystal Bowl $0$1pippi1
91 Stainless Steel Chafer $0$16djoneiljr6
92 Pretty Floral Runner Rug $0$6kimmisue3
93 Two Framed Abstract Oil on Canvas Paintings ~ Artist CM Shanahan $0$1katoh91
94 How to Find Your Way in New York Framed Picture $0$1Blackwidow1
95 Framed Boston Public Garden Print $0$0No Bids0
96 Three Framed Primitive Looking Scenic Pictures $0$0No Bids0
97 Six Framed Puzzles $0$0No Bids0
98 Large Picture Frame with Double Matting ~$0$0No Bids0
99 Cat Clock, Framed Cat Picture, and Framed Poem of Cats $0$1Spring801
100 Ryder Cup Golf Tournament Framed Pictures of Famous Athletes $0$1DKerr104051
101 Vintage Looking Zeus God Framed Picture $0$0No Bids0
102 Petite Cute Framed Pictures ~ Some Cross Stitched $0$1bubblegum1
103 Amazing Ruby Red Matching Pair of Lamp Bases, Mid-Century Style Plastic Lamp Shade, and Crystal Lamp Base $0$1Avdoyta1
104 Mid Century Modern Splatter Lamp and Super Large Shade ~$0$0No Bids0
105 Ship Weathervane Base Lamp, Desk Lamp and Oil Jar Lamp Base $0$0No Bids0
106 3 Table Lamps with Shades ~$0$2brenda2
107 Table Linens and Crocheted Lace Doilies ~$0$4nlafleur212
108 Storage Shelf Units ~ Great for Garage, Basement or Workshop ~$0$16Cityssi4
109 Hood and East Dairy Milk Crates $0$11Avdoyta6
110 Workman's Tool Suitcase $0$1eaglecraft1
111 Better Buy Dog Crate ~ Model 1224 $0$1uammillbury1
112 Bed Frame Rail Inserts for Sales Displays ~ 11 pair ~$0$0No Bids0
113 Two Floor Fans and One Desk Fan $0$8skeezit4
114 Antique Ice Skates for Boots/Shoes Attaching ~$0$0No Bids0
115 72" x 84" Champagne Satin White Goose Down Comforter ~$0$7munchkin3
116 2 Aluminum Lightweight Walkers and 2 Canes ~$0$1bben1391
117 Joe Boxer Camp Chair & Adjustable Vintage Lounge Chair ~$0$0No Bids0
118 Vintage Kent Zoom-Lok Round Hard Carry Case, Adjustable Size ~ Perfect for Fishing Rods ~$0$11aimief3
119 Husky Plastic Sheeting $0$4bubbabarb132
120 Hunting Seat Mount $0$0No Bids0
121 Scotts Easy Hand Held Spreader $0$1boudreauk1
122 Four Brand New Adult Bicycle Helmets $0$6cousy13
123 Golf Pull Cart, Golf Bag, and Golf Clubs $0$0No Bids0
124 Large Kid's Fillable Plastic Pool $0$1regal1
125 Aluminum and Steel Decorations and Pieces ~ Horseshoes ~ Sad Irons ~ Intricate Decorations and More $0$2Avdoyta2
126 Ford Grill Model 5C3Z-8200-BAA$0$3rchevarie2
127 True Temper Wheelbarrow $0$0No Bids0
128 Brand New Pilot Car Head Lights ~ For Trucks and Cars With Sealed Beam Head Lamps 4656, 4666, 6545$0$1rchevarie1
129 Small Tackle Box and Fishing Accessories $0$1asureshot1
130 Cotton Cordell, H&J & Kassner Lures ~ Fly Box ~ Andover Spinning Line, Fisherman's Kit & Others ~$0$4kimmisue4
131 New Old Stock 6x8 Blue Tarp ~ Pair of Polar Heat Seats (Hunting) ~ 22 Outdoorsman Ponchos (One Size) ~ Blue Metallic Retractable Fishing Rod ~$0$8uammillbury4
132 Assorted New Old Stock Fishing Tackle: Lures, Ponchos, Tools & Others ~$0$6kimmisue3
133 Assorted New Old Stock Fishing Hooks in Assorted Sizes ~$0$6kimmisue3
134 South Bend "Lunker" Trout & Panfish Spinner Kits & Chain Stringers ~ Assorted Loose Bobbers & Lures ~ Mini Tackle Boxes ~ All New Old Stock ~$0$11kimmisue3
135 Shakespeare Omni-Flex Fly Line Lot in Assorted Colors and Weights ~$0$9kimmisue3
136 Dupont Stren Fishing Line in Assorted Weights ~ New Old Stock ~$0$11kimmisue4
137 Fishing Accessories: Worm Bedding, Tackle & Fly Boxes, Live Bait Scoopers, Minnow Bucket Aerators & Replacement Net Bags (20"x27" hoop) ~$0$9kimmisue4
138 Garcia Mitchell Line Cartridges ~ King Fisher Snelled Hook Holders ~ 2 Packs 12 Assorted Snap on Floats ~ 3 Depth Gauges and Net Replacement Bag ~ All New Old Stock ~$0$6kimmisue2
139 Large Coil of Wire in White Coating ~$0$5rchevarie3
140 Craftsman Universal Jig $0$6dreiser145
141 Stanley No. 700 Corner Vise $0$2dianasteve2
142 Large Drawer Small Parts Storage Cabinets $0$6Phloid2
143 Porter Cable 135 PSI Air Compressor ~ 3 Day Working Guarantee $0$16Rotten6
144 Farnsworth-Munsell 100 Nue Test Munsell Color $0$1eaglecraft1
145 Wooden Tool Box, Crowbars, Hand Tools and More $0$3blue273
146 Brand New Killer Filter Replacement for PTO/Textron HF3030GUV ~ Retails for $172 $0$2rchevarie2
147 Brand New Millennium Filters MN-SH75188 JURA Filtration Hydraulic Filter $0$2rchevarie2
148 Brand New Millennium Filters MN- HC9801FDP4H Pall Hydraulic Filter $0$1Cologne1
149 Brand New Aftermarket CAT Caterpillar 1140715 Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kit by Kit King $0$1Cologne1
150 Browning BX240 Gripnotch Belt$0$1Cologne1
151 Two Wheel Dolly $0$6DKerr104052
152 Beautiful Set of Pink Cubic Zirconia Earrings and Necklace $0$7munchkin4
153 $1 Blue Seal Silver Certificate $0$3asureshot2
154 8 GB iPod Mini $0$2bassoon782
155 Unique Small Fairy Mystical Wall Mirror $0$5asureshot2
156 Chains and Adjustable Holding Straps $0$1bubbabarb131
157 Cookbook Selection ~ Specialty Foods, Every Day Menus and Holiday Cooking as well as Others ~$0$4Kimnkeith2013
158 Star Wars BB-8 Tin Sign $0$2bigdan2
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