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Thank you for bidding, all items to be picked up within 7 days of winning ~ NO EXCEPTIONS ~ Always PREVIEW!!! BRING your own MUSCLE for heavy items, help not available ~ Note: There will be a 10% buyers premium charged to all purchases. Please preview all items in person before bidding. All sales are final. All items must be picked up and paid for within 7 days of winning.
This Auction Ends on Saturday, July 29, 2017 at 12:00 PM. You have 3 days, 3 hours and 31 minutes left to bid.
ItemPhotoDescriptionOpening BidHigh BidHigh bidderNumber of Bids 
1 Complete Solid Wood Bedroom set, Tall Dresser, Bureau, Headboard, Frame, End Table, Like New Sealy Box and Mattress. $0$21donnie1010
2 3 Piece Leather Living room Set. Sofa, Love Seat, Ottoman. Very Good Condition. $2450.00 retail New$0$27rchevarie10
3 Brown Recliner, Good Condition, Simulated Leather$0$11Pammy7
4 Beautiful Blonde and White Wood Athol Table With Four Chairs and Leaf Insert $0$16fuzzie07118
5 Beautiful Wooden Hope Chest $0$16MamaSeal7
6 Dark Stain Wood Round Coffee Table $0$1Got2haveit1
7 Round Large Rotating Coffee Table $0$1Got2haveit1
8 Nice Burnt Red Low Cabinet $0$2hmart72
9 Cute Pink Desk $0$2dreiser142
10 Three Drawer Dresser $0$1christine801
11 Romweber Elegant Large Heavy Bookshelf $0$21rchevarie7
12 Lineage One Drawer End Table $0$0No Bids0
13 Vintage Fold Up Card Table $0$1Gina1231
14 Vintage Woven Stool $0$2Bruinsfan202
15 Older Nightstand With Two Drawers $0$0No Bids0
16 Two Handmade Side Tables $0$2dreiser142
17 Three Piece White Bookshelves ~ Three Different Styles $0$1Razy6611
18 Beautiful Gold Toned Full 54" Headboard and Footboard$0$0No Bids0
19 Twisted Wooden Coat Rack $0$2itzadam322
20 Vintage Wooden Barrel $0$2Grimnir31152
21 Three Drawer Filing Cabinet on Wheels $0$11itzadam323
22 Sears Kenmore Sewing Machine Table $0$1TRACYCASAVEC1
23 Kohler & Campbell Piano With Seat and Sheet Music $0$0No Bids0
24 Beautiful Light Blue Rocking Chair $0$0No Bids0
25 Three Wooden Bar Stools $0$6TRACYCASAVEC5
26 Ramae Skinny Backing Short Sitting Chair $0$7negativetime3
27 Adorable Low Sitting Maple Rocking Chair $0$2MattS2
28 Eight Folding Chairs $0$11MattS3
29 Craftsman Exclusive 21" Cut Lawn Mower ~ 3 Day Working Guarantee $0$51dbgood19575
30 Starting Lineup Cooperstown Collection 1997 Collection Mickey Mantle Figure ~ Brand New $0$2Geneo2
31 Two Fisher Speakers $0$1dbgood19571
32 Amazing Large Wooden Swan Figure $0$12Jtremblay766
33 Daisy Pellet Gun $0$6gessr392
34 Yamaha PSR-300 Keyboard $0$5BellasMem3
35 Barrel Keg Front Liquor Cabinet $0$11skier5
36 Rolling Rock Folding TV Tray Lawn Table $0$1hockeymom1
37 Four Intricate Hand Made in Ghana Masks $0$40halinajay9
38 Beautiful Gold Tone Small Standing Seth Thomas Clock $0$0No Bids0
39 Replogle Land and Sea Globe $0$4Lynnkdog3
40 Vintage U.S. Air Force Bag $0$1eaglecraft1
41 Intex Pool Ladder ~ New In Box $0$1kirsten61
42 Assorted Fashion Jewelry Lot $0$1Cityssi1
43 Necklaces, Earrings, Rings, Brooches and More $0$0No Bids0
44 Costume Jewelry Lot ~ Necklaces ~ Pins ~ Earrings $0$0No Bids0
45 1864 War Bond For Thirty Dollars $0$7chuck3
46 Silver Dollar Certificate $0$5ursillyrabbi3
47 Two Older Peanut/Candy Machines $0$1fitch1
48 Two M&M's Candy Machines $0$1warren7621
49 Two Old Barrels $0$11Casino4
50 Ornate Pottery Planters Made in Morocco, Bird House, Plate, and Much More $0$1Bruinsfan201
51 Two Trinket Shadow Wall Boxes $0$6trace814
52 Older Wooden Crate $0$3bogie543213
53 Vintage Yellow Rotary Wall Phone $0$1Casino1
54 Solid Brass Planter With Cast Iron Cauldron Pot$0$1christine801
55 Mannequin Body Bust $0$13bellsprout3
56 Sanyo HDTV LCD Flat Screen 24" TV $0$2hockeymom2
57 Mexican Puppet Dolls $0$0No Bids0
58 Vintage Tin Metal Cookware ~ Perfect to Hang or Display $0$1trace811
59 Cast Iron Pot, Weighted Block, Metal Bell, and Horse Shoes $0$3skeezit2
60 Assorted Chantel Bakeware Dishes ~ Leaf, Heart, Butterfly, Flowers, Apples, and More $0$5cheryllupien3
61 Pine Acres Mantle Clock, Vintage Alliance Tenna Rotor, and Vintage Wall Barometer $0$1gessr391
62 Stunning Dragonfly Flower Portable Lamp $0$11trace814
63 Vintage Painted Wash Tin Pail and Small Washboard $0$4hockeymom4
64 Two Metal Tin Pails ~ Small and Large One $0$1pjames1
65 Topps 1988 Complete Set and Donruss 1992 Complete Set Baseball Cards$0$7Geneo3
66 Assorted Basketball Cards $0$1fitch1
67 New Fishing Ladies Pole and Stow Away Compartment Boxes $0$20christine807
68 Vintage New Old Stock Fishing Lures, Bank Sinkers, Fishing Tackles and More $0$16Pammy6
69 Vintage Sears Tackle Box With Lures $0$10rchevarie3
70 Vintage Coleman Propane Lantern in Original Box $0$1MattS1
71 Assorted Vinyl Records ~ Phil Napoleon ~ Bob James ~ Silver Screens and Many Others $0$0No Bids0
72 Assorted Musical 45s $0$0No Bids0
73 Sony Audio/Video Control Center With Speakers $0$0No Bids0
74 Brand New Cordoba Precision Music Stand $0$2Geneo2
75 VHS Tapes Lot ~ Peter Pan ~ Flubber ~ Jungle Book ~ Casper and Many More $0$6cv_blake3
76 Dell Computer Screen$0$1winit111
77 Huge Collection of Slides and Slide Trays ~ Funny Pictures, Nude Pictures, Holiday Pictures and More $0$5bytor3
78 Unique Horse Tapestry $0$1Pammy1
79 Older Entryway Rug $0$1negativetime1
80 Beautiful Free Standing Lamp $0$1Got2haveit1
81 3-D The Beatles Abbey Road Framed Picture $0$5luvbruce3
82 Wooden Two Tier Wall Shelf $0$12tlavalley5
83 Purse Collection ~ Coach ~ Burberry $0$13angiebrit025
84 Four Metal Wire Rustic Style Stands $0$2fuzzie07112
85 Vintage Game Lot ~ Scrabble Plus ~ Chinese Checkers ~ Comp IV and Many Others $0$0No Bids0
86 Vintage Parker Brothers Ping Pong Set $0$0No Bids0
87 Three Boxes of New Baseballs ~ Official League and Little League $0$16rchevarie4
88 Vintage Stuffed Animal Lot $0$1Lucas1
89 Franciscan Eathernware Apple Pattern Coffee/Tea Dishes $0$1bogie543211
90 Huge Bags of Red, White, and Blue Small Buttons $0$3bben1393
91 Elegant Butler 728 Magazine Stand $0$1cheryllupien1
92 Adorable Kids/Doll Rocking Chair $0$2BarbaraK2
93 Coleman Queen Extra High Air Mattress $0$6warren7623
94 All Around Shop Wet/Dry Vac $0$7Pinto4
95 Sonic Jewelry Cleaner $0$6MattS3
96 Silver Toned 3-Tier Towel Stand $0$0No Bids0
97 Vintage Fiesta Ice Chest by Poloron $0$1hockeymom1
98 Household Lot of Medicine Tray, Knitting Pal, and Coby Alarm $0$0No Bids0
99 Pair of Uniden Walkie Talkies With Charging Base $0$7rick19582
100 Sentry Safe With Combo and Keys$0$16asureshot5
101 Zebrano Gary Fisher Mountain Bike $0$61AKIN1ER13
102 Kenmore Window Air Conditioner ~ 3 Day Working Guarantee $0$3MattS3
103 Arctic King Window Air Conditioner ~ 3 Day Working Guarantee $0$47rchevarie10
104 GE Window Air Conditioner ~ 3 Day Working Guarantee $0$21pike695
105 Three Computer/Desk Lamps $0$0No Bids0
106 Black and Decker Toaster Oven $0$6gyles19552
107 Sunbeam Rocket Grill With Extra Pack of Refills ~ Brand New $0$6Casino3
108 Brand New Hamilton Beach Coffee Urn ~ 42 Cup Capacity $0$11asureshot4
109 Faberware Steamer and Cuisinart Pots$0$11Got2haveit3
110 Enamelware Pots, Pans, and Roasters $0$11cheryllupien4
111 Back to Basics Blender Solution $0$2tlavalley2
112 Dishes, Glasses, and Decor $0$0No Bids0
113 Rooster Collection ~ Rooster Candy Dishes and Figures $0$7Lilmitzi4
114 Collection of Pfaltzgraff Plates, Bowls, and Cups $0$0No Bids0
115 Large Baking and Kitchen Supplies Lot $0$1lellieface1
116 Five Sets of Drinking Glasses $0$6Got2haveit2
117 Vintage Collection Elements 26 Piece Punch Set $0$3christine803
118 Bolton and Berlin Matted Map ~ Copy From 1870 $0$2dreiser142
119 President Ford '76 Large Poster $0$1eaglecraft1
120 Cute Primitive Good Morning Let the Stress Begin... Wooden Hanging Sign $0$1hockeymom1
121 Framed Very Large Pecher Mignon Picture By Rallna $0$1negativetime1
122 Ruth Orkin American Girl in Italy 1951 Framed Picture $0$5Gracie19593
123 Orante Italy-Spain Riviera Framed Picture $0$1negativetime1
124 Large Vermouth Martini Poster $0$3KPrinn2
125 Starvisky Euro International Films Large Framed Picture $0$1negativetime1
126 East Coast It's Quicker By Rail Large Poster $0$1mizwik1
127 Three Unique Pictures ~ Two Painted ~ One Framed Picture $0$1negativetime1
128 Gorgeous Tin Metal Flower ~ Old World Creations by Mimi $0$4mizwik2
129 Large Canvas and Frames Lot $0$1Got2haveit1
130 Parapluie- Revel Paris Framed Picture $0$9novice18324
131 Framed Rustic Style Country Home Themed Painting $0$1negativetime1
132 Framed Vintage Men Eating Lunch on Steel Beam Picture $0$21mizwik8
133 Two Mirrors and Cork board/Whiteboard $0$0No Bids0
134 Assorted Mattes and Plastic Sleeves $0$12negativetime4
135 Assorted Frames in All Different Sizes $0$4negativetime2
136 Women's Edge Health Enhancement Books $0$1Homestead1
137 Vintage Gardening and Antiquing Books $0$1Homestead1
138 Cookbooks ~ Vintage and New Ones $0$10Kimnkeith2014
139 Huge Assortment of Books ~ Military ~ Cookbooks ~ Humor ~ Traveling and Much More $0$1Homestead1
140 Huge Collection of Books ~ Traveling ~ Kids ~ Adults ~ History and Much More $0$1Homestead1
141 Collectors Books on Posters, Norman Rockwell, American Clocks and Other Specific Items $0$1Homestead1
142 Vintage Military Books $0$2FoxGlen12
143 Collection of The Illustrated Science and Invention Encyclopedias $0$0No Bids0
144 Collection of World Books By Thorndike & Barnhart $0$0No Bids0
145 Baby Blue Felt $0$1bben1391
146 Throw Pillows, Curtains, Linens, and Rods $0$1novice18321
147 Idylis Air Purifier $0$1MentalNinja1
148 Bissell SpotBot Pet Cleaner $0$2Pinto2
149 Pretty Assortment of Baskets $0$2christine802
150 Four Bottles of Pledge Floor Care Cleaner ~ Brand New $0$13Casino5
151 All Steel Four Drawer Filing Cabinet $0$1Grimnir31151
152 Timber Canopy Tops ~ 4 Total $0$16warren7624
153 Leifheit Construction/ Painters Ladder $0$10boudreauk5
154 Vintage Ornate Cast Metal Log Holders With Scooper $0$0No Bids0
155 Vintage Scrapers, Hand Tools, Scissors, and Brushes $0$1FoxGlen11
156 Vintage Sebring Metal Gas Can $0$9Scraper4
157 Three Shovels and A Large Pick $0$0No Bids0
158 Roybi Gas Leaf Blower ~ 3 Day Working Guarantee $0$66Brady126
159 Tanaka THT 200 Trimmer/Hedger ~ 3 Day Working Guarantee $0$27skier7
160 Tool Box Full of Hand Tools and Sockets $0$21rnsigman5
161 8" Bench Grinder ~ Brand New $0$11MARY_CALEY8
162 Milwaukee Sawzall, Work Light, Charging Station, Two Drills, and One Battery ~ 3 Day Working Guarantee $0$42rchevarie9
163 Kmart 7 1/4" Saw $0$0No Bids0
164 Sears Belt and Disc Sander $0$14asureshot4
165 Enameled Pan Full of Heavy Duty Chains $0$1vinboy2g1
166 Amazing Wooden Spindle ~ Made in Canada $0$6cheryllupien5
167 Marilyn Monroe Blanket Framed Picture $0$0No Bids0
168 Electric Light Tan Recliner Chair $0$20Blackwidow10
169 Large Vintage Solid Wood Dresser $0$3Bruinsfan203
170 Large Enameled Roasting Pan With Cover $0$5Bruinsfan204
171 Lot of 3 Vintage Edgeworth Pipe Tobacco Tins $0$1Mikebigbass1
172 Vintage Magazine Lot ~ 1970's and 1980's $0$8Bruinsfan203
173 Amazing Ghana Collection of Masks $0$12halinajay4
174 Marilyn Monroe, The Beatles, and Elvis Pictures and Magazines $0$1Mikebigbass1
175 Enormous Vintage and New Garfield Collection $0$9Casino5
176 Collection of Noble Prize Library Books $0$0No Bids0
177 GT Performer 4130 BMX CR-MO Freestyle Bike $0$50aceman843
178 Huge Kitchen Collection of Dishes, Glasses, Vases, Pans and More $0$0No Bids0
179 Amazing 3'x5' American Flag With Large Eagle ~ Brand New $0$0No Bids0
180 Garmin Street Pilot c330 Gps System ~ 3 Day Guarantee $0$6Pammy4
181 Brand New Armitron Women's Pink Watch$0$2rloverlove2
182 Three Drawer Solid Wood Dresser$0$6boudreauk3
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