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Thank you for bidding, all items to be picked up within 7 days of winning ~ NO EXCEPTIONS ~ Always PREVIEW!!! BRING your own MUSCLE for heavy items, help not available ~ Note: There will be a 10% buyers premium charged to all purchases. Please preview all items in person before bidding. All sales are final. All items must be picked up and paid for within 7 days of winning.
This Auction Ends on Saturday, May 26, 2018 at 12:00 PM. You have 5 days, 10 hours and 57 minutes left to bid.
ItemPhotoDescriptionOpening BidHigh BidHigh bidderNumber of Bids 
1 Gorgeous Mauthe Grandfather Clock$0$2stephen2
2 Amazing Enclosed Bookcase $0$37hockey09095
3 Impressive Enclosed Four Shelf Bookcase $0$34hockey09096
4 Superb Mahogany Glass Top Side Table With Queen Anne Style Legs $0$1reflections1
5 Beautiful Mahogany Four Shelf Bookcase ~ Gorgeous Trimming $0$11reflections2
6 Wonderful Large Dining Room Table With Claw Feet and Two Leafs $0$1MasonRoad331
7 Stunning Mosaic Side Table $0$11luvbruce3
8 Dark Wood Stain Pedestal Plant Stand $0$6flyingrhino23
9 Nightstand with Single Drawer $0$0No Bids0
10 Brown Patio Woven Side Table $0$0No Bids0
11 Beautiful Vintage Laminate Top Pull Leafs Dining Room Table $0$0No Bids0
12 Pretty Two Shelf Side Table With Spiral Legs $0$7VladInc2
13 Vintage Black Wooden Side Table $0$1Benny161
14 Green Marble Top Plant Stand $0$7halinajay2
15 Pretty Mahogany Petite Plant Stand $0$1zelspal151
16 Hollywood Style White Twin Headboard $0$0No Bids0
17 Blue Secretarial Desk $0$0No Bids0
18 Small Wooden Stand ~ Top Opens for Small Space $0$6cheryllupien4
19 Brown Side Table Magazine Holder $0$1zelspal151
20 V.M Triomatic Tube Radio Record Player Cabinet$0$0No Bids0
21 Interesting Side Table With Two Drawers $0$0No Bids0
22 Golden Velvet Sitting Chair $0$1Blackwidow1
23 Intriguing Vintage High Top Sitting Chair $0$1Got2haveit1
24 Rolling Swivel Computer Chair $0$2warren7622
25 Barn Door Rustic Looking Child's Bed With Rails $0$0No Bids0
26 Refinished Pink and Green Four Drawer Stand$0$1lrice1
27 Skinny and Tall Wooden Shelf Stand$0$1Javantrece1
28 Pair of Table Stools$0$1trace811
29 Kitchen Table and Rolling Chairs $0$1IllHaveThat1
30 Four Hexagon Wheat Glass Panes End Tables With Extra Glass Top $0$1Dnewman1
31 Long White Hallway Stand$0$6trace812
32 Oval Two Tier Coffee Table $0$0No Bids0
33 Wicker Seat Rocking Chair and Antique Wicker Seat with Queen Anne Legs $0$0No Bids0
34 Wooden Footstool $0$0No Bids0
35 Black and Green Stenciled Footstool $0$9outlook4
36 Wooden Doll Bed $0$0No Bids0
37 Creme Wall Shelf With Hooks and Small Cabinet $0$12Dnewman6
38 Guy Williams Autograph Picture $0$1eaglecraft1
39 Edgar Mitchell Autographed Picture $0$0No Bids0
40 Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Matted Picture and Autograph $0$2reflections2
41 Shelley Winters Autographed Photo$0$1dianasteve1
42 Louisville Slugger Greatest WorldSeries Rivalry New York Yankees LA Dodgers Autographed Bat$0$26hockey09094
43 Tom Tyler Autographed Black & White Photo$0$0No Bids0
44 Young Jackie Cooper Photo Autographed $0$0No Bids0
45 Multi-Signature Baseball $0$19dianasteve2
46 Willie Mays Autographed Baseball $0$25dianasteve6
47 Everything to Gain Making the Most of the Rest of Your Life Book by Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn Carter ~ Autographed by Jimmy Carter$0$0No Bids0
48 Man Unfolding Book by Jonas Salk ~ Autographed by Jonas Salk$0$0No Bids0
49 Miriam Hopkins Autographed Photo$0$0No Bids0
50 Betty Grable Autographed Professionally Framed Picture $0$1eaglecraft1
51 William Holmes Framed Autograph Picture $0$0No Bids0
52 Mamas & The Papas Autographed Album $0$30printmakor8
53 Jackie Cooper Autographed Professionally Framed Picture$0$6eaglecraft2
54 Red Skelton Autographed Professionally Framed Picture $0$1eaglecraft1
55 Mickey Mantle Autographed Post Card $0$6dianasteve3
56 Roy Rogers & Trigger Autographed Professionally Framed Picture $0$10smart443
57 Huge Binder Full of Baseball Cards $0$6dennis014403
58 Football and Baseball Card Collection $0$3warren7622
59 Baseball, Football, and Basketball Cards $0$16warren7626
60 Vintage Baseball Cards ~ These are older 60's 70's 80's$0$18Kimnkeith2016
61 1941 and 1959 Penny Collection Books $0$12aceman846
62 Musket Balls $0$0No Bids0
63 1972 and 1776-1976 Eisenhower Dollar Coins $0$16porkchop2127
64 Three Antique Cap Guns $0$6skeezit3
65 Costume Jewelry $0$1bben1391
66 1912-1958 10 Wheat Pennies $0$2dennis014402
67 Geneva Ladies Watch $0$1bben1391
68 Stunning Sterling Silver Ring With Black Stone $0$2bogie543212
69 Sterling Siver Ring With Black Stone $0$2DaisyMae2
70 2004 United States Mint Westward Journey Nickel Series $0$8aceman844
71 Four .999 Copper Coins ~ All Different Designs $0$11aceman844
72 Costume Jewelry ~ Necklaces ~ Bracelets $0$0No Bids0
73 PSP System & Charger$0$6shawn3
74 Large Collection of Wheat Pennies $0$9aceman844
75 Jewelry Box Full of Jewelry ~ Brooches, Beads, Earrings and More $0$3Harriet3
76 Collection of Vintage Watches, Tie Clips, Pens, and More $0$11Ewalsh15
77 Costume Jewelry ~ Necklaces ~ Bracelets and More $0$13aneweglander4
78 Samsung Gear VR Virtual Realty $0$4justinblan2
79 Magic The Gathering Cards $0$28volvo4
80 Brand New Packs of Pokemon Cards $0$11reflections3
81 Anime Book Collection $0$7qtpie2
82 Stamps from All Over the World $0$1bben1391
83 Binder Full of Government Envelopes $0$0No Bids0
84 Six Portfolios of USPS Stamp Collections $0$0No Bids0
85 Five Funko Pop Star Wars Figures ~ Three Are Exclusives ~ Never Taken Out of Boxes $0$22Geneo3
86 Star Wars Black Series Die Cast Collectibles and Star Wars Episode 1 Figures C-3PO and Yoda $0$8FoxGlen14
87 NASCAR Martin Truex Jr 2005 Action 1/24 #8 Bass Pro Shops Die Cast Car $0$21gessr395
88 Vintage Ogunquit Maine Trolly "Daisy" Wooden Sign $0$5DaisyMae2
89 Corona Extra Two Sided Chalkboard $0$19porkchop2124
90 World Star Multi-Band Receiver $0$20FoxGlen16
91 The Children's Bible, Adult Bible, and Rosary Beads $0$1Javantrece1
92 Red, White, and Blue Bunting, Sports Illustrated Magazines, and Newspapers Covering Historic Events $0$0No Bids0
93 Boston Red Sox Duffel Bag, Cowboy Up Pillow, and Cowboy Up Throw Blanket $0$1bben1391
94 Black Tin Star ~ Great For A Side Of A House $0$2Blackwidow2
95 Large Rooster Tin Tray and White Wooden Box with Handle $0$3skeezit2
96 Adorable Relax Wire Writing on Hook Decoration $0$1Benny161
97 White Corner Wall Shelf $0$1tlavalley1
98 Ginormous Pottery Vase $0$16Dnewman3
99 Pepsi-Cola Antique Car Coin Bank $0$11Javantrece4
100 Fuller Company, Hartford Antique Car Bank $0$3Javantrece2
101 Porcelain Ande Rooney Oreo Sign, Bread Daily Tin Sign, and Pizza Pie Tin Sign $0$3reflections3
102 Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition Players Handbooks $0$11bigdan2
103 Military Magazine Collection $0$1FoxGlen11
104 Collection of Vehicle Magazines ~ Muscle Cars ~ Vintage Trucks ~ Classic Cars $0$0No Bids0
105 Magical Herbs, Rituals, Ghost Stories, and Earth Power Book Lot $0$1SunflowerX321
106 X-Men, Aquaman, Hulk, Spider-man Comic Books $0$0No Bids0
107 American Art Book, Treasure Books, and Rembrandt Book $0$0No Bids0
108 Radio Shack Scanner, Men's Hair Trimmer, Binoculars, AM/FM Radio and More $0$11dooglaaone5
109 Computer Speakers, FM Signal Amplifier, Headphones and More $0$0No Bids0
110 Middle Eastern Bottles, Drink Mix Books, Shaker and More$0$1FoxGlen11
111 Snap Hook, Measuring Tape, Locks, Hole Saw, and More $0$4skeezit2
112 Carrara Marble Round Top ~ Product of Italy $0$1eaglecraft1
113 Flight Assortments, Darts, Pens, Fishing Frame and More $0$1Geneo1
114 Avon Ruby Red Drinking Glasses, Napkin Rings, Bowls and Heart Shaped Jewelry Box $0$4nallard744
115 Beautiful Lime Green Large Vase$0$1knjsmom41
116 Deerskin Trading Post Size 36 Leather Jacket $0$1aimief1
117 Cast Iron Bird Plant Bracket $0$5FoxGlen13
118 DVD Collection $0$16kimmisue3
119 Pretty Gorgeous October Flowers Framed Print $0$1DaisyMae1
120 Large Robotic Like Dinosaur $0$0No Bids0
121 Beauty and the Beast Style Rose Hall Mirror $0$0No Bids0
122 Assorted Ties, Belts, and Scarves $0$0No Bids0
123 Tea Kettles, Casserole Dish, Pie Pan, Carnival Glass and More $0$0No Bids0
124 Short Cube Stand $0$0No Bids0
125 Cute Rooster Decoration and Expressions Snack Plates ~ Yum! ~ Savory! ~ Sweet!$0$0No Bids0
126 Framed MGM Why Don't You Love Me Hank Williams Record $0$1clipper1
127 Memorex iPod Desktop Speaker with Clock $0$0No Bids0
128 Interesting Framed Prints and Paintings $0$1DaisyMae1
129 Classic 3 CD Disc Changer, AM/FM Radio, and Tape Player Stereo $0$1cuttz1
130 GE 4 in 1 Grill $0$16Rotten3
131 Coffee Mugs, Glasses, Platters, and Decorations $0$0No Bids0
132 Designer Pet Products Small Animal Bag $0$0No Bids0
133 Ornate Metal Base Floor Lamp $0$1Rotten2
134 Pair of Ornate Table Lamps $0$0No Bids0
135 Free Standing Floor Light $0$1brenda1
136 Heavy Duty Step Seat $0$1MasonRoad331
137 Primitive Stacking Boxes, Decorations and Candle Holders $0$0No Bids0
138 Cassette Tapes Collection $0$21VladInc5
139 Tons of Dice, Cribbage Boards, and Trivia Games $0$11bubbabarb133
140 2004 Champions Boston Red Sox Coffee Mug, Small Lunchbox, and Pasta Container$0$0No Bids0
141 Golfing Lot ~ Golf Balls, Golf Santa Figure, Golf Books, and More $0$4FoxGlen12
142 Business Cards, Tent Cards, Tabs, Special Printer Paper and More $0$8FoxGlen14
143 Ceramic Bathroom Sink Stand $0$8MasonRoad333
144 Jeep Wrangler Running Board ~ 2 Door $0$11murdock3
145 Three Sets of Skis ~ One Pair Brand New $0$4warren7622
146 Brand New Hot Tub Cover$0$0No Bids0
147 Shaw Walker Heavy Duty Four Drawer Filing Cabinet $0$0No Bids0
148 Vintage Legend Wakeboard $0$0No Bids0
149 Orzak Trail Basic Mesh Chair, Backpack, and Duffel Bag $0$1porkchop2121
150 Yard Tools ~ Scotts Spreader ~ Sledgehammer and Much More $0$21aneweglander8
151 Rolling Cart and Dolly $0$6Dnewman4
152 Quick Grip Clamps $0$27zelspal158
153 Black and Decker Industrial Drill and Box $0$23ted_scott4
154 Electrical Face Plates and Outlets $0$0No Bids0
155 Durlast 2 Ton Capacity Jack Stands $0$15Irishrover3
156 Extension Cords, Power Strips and More $0$1murdock1
157 Tire and Car Parts With Locks $0$0No Bids0
158 Black Jack 2 Ton 360 Degree Handle Hydraulic Trolley Jack $0$8kevkev1234
159 Husky 25 Gallon Mobile Tool Box With A Few Accessories $0$12FoxGlen14
160 Four Collector Plates ~ Norman Rockwell $0$0No Bids0
161 Vintage Hoover Convertible Vacuum $0$0No Bids0
162 Trapezoid Hard Plastic TV Stand $0$0No Bids0
163 Large Tan Area Rug $0$0No Bids0
164 10 Vintage New England Patriots Glasses $0$6rloverlove3
165 Low Cabinet, Perfect for TV Stand ~$0$0No Bids0
166 Pine Side Shelf $0$0No Bids0
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